“The Mafia Dolls 2” Returns to Caracol and is #1

Following the great success of “The Mafia Dolls” earlier this year, Caracol has once again aired the second season of the series, where its protagonists return to face the consequences of having smiled at the mafia. The premiere ranked #1 in its slot, surpassing its direct competition with a 39.7 share rating, according to Kantar Ibope.

In its first season, “The Mafia Dolls” presented, for the first time, the dark world of drug trafficking from a female perspective. The audience witnessed the luxuries and excesses experienced by women who share their lives with the most powerful and dangerous mafia bosses. They lived a princess’s life but paid dearly for the consequences.

Eight years later, the survivors of this story struggle to leave their past behind and resist a society that condemns them for having belonged to the mafia. Personal and family dilemmas, internal conflicts with their principles, and the fight to survive will make them question their lives and lead them to cross the thin line between good and evil.

This second part stands out by transcending the mere evolution of the characters over these eight years, offering an updated portrait of the drug trafficking problem and the role of women within this universe.

“The Mafia Dolls 2” stars actress and singer Amparo Grisales (Surviving Pablo Escobar: Alias JJ) as Lucrecia, Caterin Escobar (Hermanitas Calle) as Olivia, Carla Giraldo (Loquito Por Ti) as Janeth, Paola Rey (Pasión de Gavilanes) as Brenda, and Paula Barreto (La Nocturna) as Martha.

The series was filmed with 4K technology, F55 cameras with cinema optics, in three units, and in the surroundings of the city of Bogotá. Additionally, it is directed by Andrés Biermann (“The Queen of Flow 2”), Lucho Orjuela (“Pedro el Escamoso”), and Juan Carlos Vásquez (“Surviving Escobar, Alias JJ”), written by Johnny Ortiz (“El Rey, Vicente Fernández”) and Gerardo Pinzón (“Surviving Escobar, Alias JJ”), and produced by Juan Carlos Villamizar (“Pedro El Escamoso”).