Caracol Televisión presents at L.A. Screenings Caracol World on Roblox and Influencer Factory, two experiences developed with artificial intelligence. A service that will be available to its clients so that their audiences can interact with their brand.

Caracol World on Roblox allows players to explore and complete missions in the universes of iconic brands like El Desafío, Sábados Felices, Gol Caracol, and Noticias Caracol through a video game. On the platform, players can interact with Caracol Talent and earn points as they complete different missions.

During the month of April, all attendees of the Book Fair in Bogotá had the opportunity to interact with this innovative experience and enjoyed it in the company of actors, comedians, and presenters from the channel. Also, during the national broadcast of La Voz Kids, audiences experienced an immersive, multi-screen experience that connected families with the TV program while also engaging the Roblox audience. Over 35 days, more than 100,000 users interacted with the platform for over 84,000 hours.

Influencer Factory is Caracol’s response to the growing need for brands to maintain high levels of attention and sensitivity toward their products. These revolutionary characters, created using the most advanced artificial intelligence, not only look and behave like real influencers but also set trends and capture hearts in the digital world. These metahumans are inspired by real people and a synthetic character, rendered for Image, Audio, and Video formats.

The most relevant success story has been Symphony, the imitation fairy, who was a judge on Yo Me Llamo. Throughout the 2023 season, the new team member evaluated performances and selected the best imitator each night.

In this way, Caracol opens its digital department services to its clients so that they can work together to add value to their programming.

Caracol World on Roblox and Influencer Factory were developed by LUMO Media Lab, Caracol Televisión’s innovation lab.