Caracol Televisión announced, during L.A. Screenings, that the production of the highly anticipated return of one of the greatest hits in the history of Colombian telenovelas, “Nuevo Rico, Nuevo Pobre,” is already underway.

More than 15 years have passed since the original Caracol telenovela took the world by storm, being sold in over 100 countries and leading to remakes in Mexico, Greece, and Serbia.

Locally, the telenovela, which aired between July 2007 and August 2008, reached an average share of 42.7% and a rating of 12.9% at its peak in 2007.

Lisette Osorio, vice president of international business at Caracol, highlighted that “Nuevo Rico, Nuevo Pobre” became an international success with a narrative that masterfully combines drama and humor. With new plots and characters, we will keep the audience engaged across all cultures.

Rodrigo Triana and Juan Carlos Vásquez direct a stellar cast led by Variel Sánchez, Juan Guilera, Lina Tejeiro, and Laura Barjum. They are joined by Ricardo Mejía, John Alex Toro, Julián Caicedo, Laura Taylor, Marcela Agudelo, Clary Borja, and Martha Restrepo.

In the quiet city of San Francisco, a nurse switches newborns Andrés Ferreira and Brayan Galindo. The wealthy Ferreira family takes Andrés, while the humble Galindo family raises Brayan. Decades later, Andrés, now a successful owner of Cartsmart, becomes romantically involved with model Fernanda Sanmiguel, unaware of her romance with his cousin Mateo López.

Meanwhile, Brayan, a carefree worker, lives in a boarding house with his father, Leónidas Galindo, his girlfriend, Rosmery Peláez, and her siblings. When the nurse confesses, Andrés loses his wealth and status, while Brayan gains everything. The switch sparks a bitter rivalry between them, affecting relationships and initiating unexpected romances.