“La Isla: Desafío Extremo” Adaptation of “El Desafío” by Caracol TV, arrives on Telemundo on July 30.

Hosted by Javier Poza, 24 participants arrive this summer to one of the most demanding competitions on the planet where only one will take home $200,000.

Starting Tuesday, July 30, Telemundo will present for the first time in the United States “La Isla: Desafío Extremo,” an adaptation of the original format by Caracol Televisión, “El Desafío,” which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2024.

Hosted by Javier Poza, this exciting adventure features 24 participants who will face the most extreme challenges of physical and mental survival in wild and remote locations of the beaches, mountains, and forests of Turkey in pursuit of the coveted prize of $200,000. They will all have to share day by day, isolated from their outside world, in a competition where losing everything is just the beginning, and where drama, alliances, and betrayals will be the order of the day.

Lisette Osorio, VP of International Business at Caracol, highlighted: “In its 20 years, “El Desafío” has had a remarkable journey around the world, captivating followers in territories like Mexico, Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania. We are motivated and proud to share the daily audience records that we are achieving in this historic celebration. Today, we take an important step in the Hispanic market in the US alongside Telemundo, reflecting the global impact and resonance that our original format continues to have in new frontiers.”

“The celebration of the 20 years of “El Desafío” has brought many exciting news, including the notable performance on our screen, surpassing records daily, as well as the excellent reception of its various adaptations around the world. Now, we add another important milestone in the history of “El Desafío” with its arrival in the United States alongside a high-caliber partner like Telemundo. This premiere represents an open door to the Hispanic market in the United States and facilitates more countries in the region to know this format and be encouraged to adapt it in their territories.”

“This new format arrives on our screen introducing elements of travel, survival, and a lot of cohabitation drama between personalities,” said Ronald Day, President of Entertainment and Chief Content Officer at Telemundo. “We are excited to welcome a diverse and impressive group of participants to the home of reality shows to kick off this new adventure that will surely captivate our audience.”

“La Isla: Desafío Extremo” will feature 24 participants who will form three teams, including The Eagles, The Sharks, and The Panthers. Each week, the teams will start competing in the territory game that will determine the living conditions for that week, whether it be High Beach with all the comforts, Medium Beach with few comforts, or Low Beach without any comforts. Throughout the week, they will compete in numerous games to win salvation, captaincy, advantages, punishments, adventures, as well as nominations, among others. The participants who are not nominated will vote to choose who will be eliminated from the competition each week.

Under the executive production of Francisco “Cisco” Suárez, Executive Vice President of Primetime Non-Scripted Programming, “La Isla: Desafío Extremo” is a sports competition produced by ACUNMEDYA for Telemundo.

Over these 20 years, the entertainment format, originally by Caracol, has traveled the world and has been successfully adapted in Mexico, the United States, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Russia. Additionally, it has been recorded in Colombia and countries such as Senegal, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, India, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

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